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The Stroke Recovery Association is a non-profit organisation that advocates for and provides a range of support and information services to people affected by Stroke and their families / carers. The Stroke Recovery Association is a focal point for information about Stroke prevention and recovery. Read More

What is stroke

The most common form of a Stroke is the result of a sudden disruption of the flow of blood to parts of the brain. When blood cannot reach parts of the brain, the oxygen supply to those areas is cut off and the brain cells die

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Someone's had a stroke,
what do I do

Someone you know has suffered a Stroke.
This is a very frightening and confusing time for all involved: the person (who is now called the patient), their partner (who is now called their carer), their family and friends.

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Recovery and coping

Consider all your options— there are many services available, Appreciate your family member for who they are, Re-establish your personal contacts and networks, Enable other family members to become involved & responsible for the Stroke...

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Participate in current research

The Stroke Recovery Association is often approached by researchers looking for study participants.

People affected by Stroke can benefit from participation in research projects. By taking part, you would be contributing to a greater understanding of Stroke, or to the development of more effective treatments.

In some cases, research projects may provide access to new interventions before they are widely available. Even if participating in the research does not provide any benefit for you as an individual, it may provide benefits for other people who have a Stroke in the future. You are likely to benefit from the additional support and attention provided by clinical trial staff, who will have a thorough understanding of the issues and concerns related to Stroke.

All research requests are vetted by our Board to ensure they have ethics approval and will be of benefit to the participants and all stroke-affected people. Bona fide research projects by reputable bodies are supported by the Association.

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