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Membership costs very little! We invite you to join our Association.  Download the 2016 General Membership Application Form: Membership Application Form or email or call us at 1300 650 594.

  • Our membership subscriptions and donations are our operating funds, so becoming a member will enable the Stroke Recovery Association to continue its work.
  • Members are able to be involved in the management of the Stroke Recovery Association by being on the Board of Directors of the Association.
  • Members have the opportunity to vote at the Stroke Recovery Association’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Members receive “Stroke Recovery News” twice a year with up-to-date information on Stroke issues and the Association’s activities.
  • Members are notified of Stroke awareness seminars in their area.
  • Members are entitled to discounts on workshops, conferences and seminars, organised by the Association.
  • On a political level our membership numbers determine the level of influence the Stroke Recovery Association can assert to increase the services for Stroke survivors in the community.