For assistance

1300 650 594


Physiotherapists Association
Provides the names of Physiotherapists in your local area – ask if they offer home visits.

Speech Pathologists Association
Provides the names of Speech Pathologists in your local area – ask if they offer home visits.

Occupational Therapists Association

Provides the names of Occupational Therapists in your local area – ask if they offer home visits

Association of Massage Therapists NSW
Provides the names of trained people to perform massage – ask if they offer home visit

Diversional Therapy Association
Provides activities for people with disabilities.

Carers NSW

If you are someone’s carer, they provide information on carers, support and referral, Carer Information Kits, a library of books, videos and brochures and local Support Groups.

Local Community Health Centres
These provide you with information on health issues, therapists and Support Groups in your local government area. See “Community Health” in your local white pages.

Technical Aid for the Disabled
TAD develop custom designed aids where commercial aids are not available for people with disabilities.

Carer Respite Centre – 1800 052 222
Provides information on respite accommodation care for people with a disability. They will put you in contact with the closest Respite Care Centre.

Provides financial assistance for people with a disability, carers and people who are ill. If you are caring for anyone who has had a Stroke you may be entitled to a Carer’s Allowance.

Independent Living Centre

The Centre displays a comprehensive range of products and equipment for people with disabilities and older people. You can try out equipment suitable for your needs before purchasing an item. The Centre does not sell the items – only displays them.

Home Care Services
Provides home help for people with a disability.

RTA Disabled Driver’s Permit
Provides parking permits for people with a disability.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme
Provides taxi subsidies for people with a disability.

Radio for the Print Handicapped
2RPH is one in a network of Special Purpose, not-for-profit radio stations all around Australia, dedicated to turning print media into sound. 1224 on the AM dial.

Vision Impaired Travel Pass

If you are legally blind you can apply for a Vision Impaired Pass to travel on any government bus, ferry or train.

Meals on Wheels
Provides meals delivered to your home.

Aged Care Complaints Resolutions Scheme
For complaints about nursing homes, hostels and Community Aged Care packages.  Freecall 1800 550 552

Disability Complaints

Free service to help people with a disability who want to make a complaint about their rights being infringed. This service provides information about your rights, refers you to the appropriate complaint service and helps you use the service.

Driving Assessment Centre

Promotes independence and safety in driving for people with a range of disabilities or medical concerns. Provides driving assessments and retraining programs and assists people with special needs who may need advice and assistance to regain their licence or acquire their licence for the first time. Part of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney, at Ryde.