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Get Back to Work: The Lived Experience of Australian Stroke Survivors

Jul 3, 2017

Jacob de Wet is the son of a Stroke survivor and a student studying Psychology (Honours) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) in Sydney.
He is conducting research to explore the experience of Stroke survivors returning to white-collar work.
Jacob’s father had a Stroke at the age of 52, when he was working full time in a senior position at a Pharmaceutical company and supporting a family of five. After his Stroke, his major goal was to return to work, and after 2 months of rehabilitation he did just that. However, the cognitive impairments he experienced and the stress of the job proved too overwhelming, and reluctantly he stepped down to a less demanding role.
Jacob’s father’s experience of returning to work after Stroke motivated him to explore how other survivors navigated their return to demanding, white-collar jobs. The literature focuses on physical recovery, but less is known about the psychological and vocational support, or lack thereof, available to and accessed by Stroke survivors returning to work.
If you are interested in participating in this research or want more information, please contact Jacob at: For more information what’s involved in participating in the research please click: here