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Robotics assisted game-based rehabilitation for upper limb function in people with chronic Stroke

Jun 27, 2019

Research objectives/aims

  1. To identify the potential barriers and facilitators from the perspective of patients, proxies, therapist to the application of a of game-based robotic exercise program for people with chronic stroke.
  2. To examine patient’s, acceptability and perceptions following 10 sessions of robot-assisted game-based rehabilitation using the Tyromotion® rehabilitation suite.
  3. To examine the therapist’s satisfaction, acceptability and perception of the robot-assisted game-based program using Tyromotion devices in upper limb rehabilitation
  4. To examine the perception and opinion of patient’s proxy about patient’s satisfaction and acceptability following 10 sessions of robot-assisted game-based rehabilitation program.
  5. To perform preliminary assessment of changes in arm function following 10 sessions of a multi-joint robot-assisted game-based rehabilitation program.

 How the research is to be undertaken?

To answer our aims, there will be three groups to recruit:

  1. People with stroke: If an individual with stroke is interested to join the study he/she will be asked to contact the researchers. If he/she will be eligible to join the study, he/she will undergo baseline assessment of the arm function and after that he/she will be undergoing 10 sessions of exercise using the robotic devices. Two assessments will happen after the training to see if there is a change of the function of the arm and explore their experience using the robotic devices. Lastly, there will be a group discussion that will be scheduled depending on the availability of the participants.
  2. Therapist: if a therapist who uses Tyromotion robotic device is interested to join the study he/she can contact the researchers or he/she can directly go to this link to answer our online questionnaire.
  3. Proxy: this are the primary carer of the people with stroke who will join the study. Recruitment of this group will be through participants with stroke.

What involvement is required by each participant?

  1. People with stroke will be asked to be present at our data collection site in UTS Moorepark Campus during assessments and training sessions. They will also be asked to provide personal information and information about their condition. A focus group discussion will happen after all assessments and training sessions and all participants will be invited but not required to join.
  2. Therapists are just required to answer a 20-minute online questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask personal details and their experience in using Tyromotion robotic devices.
  3. Proxies are not required to be present in the data collection site since they can also answer the questionnaire online. The link leading to the online questionnaire will be messaged to them privately when they agreed to join the study.

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