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Mentoring Program



What is a Mentor?

A Peer Support Mentor is a person who has had a Stroke or a Carer of a Stroke Survivor who is willing and able to assist another Stroke Survivor/Carer in the recovery process. The mentoring program aims to link together new Stroke Survivors/Carers to provide them with the opportunity to communicate with someone else in a similar situation but who is further along in their recovery.

The program will match people living with Stroke (either Stroke Survivors or Carers of Stroke Survivors) with a trained peer support worker who is also a Stroke Survivor or Carer. Initial contact will be by telephone or email.

The Peer Support Mentor’s Role:

Peer Support Mentors do not perform the role of trained counsellors. Their role is primarily to listen, share their experience of Stroke and offer support to other Stroke Survivors/Carers. They are volunteers who are trained and supported by the Stroke Recovery Association to undertake this role.


Coordination and Supervision of Peer Support Mentors:

All Peer Support Mentors are assisted and supervised in their role. They have regular contact with a Peer Support Coordinator organized by the Association. Individuals requesting support are briefed on the boundaries of the role of the Peer Support Mentor by the Peer Support Coordinator.

There will be a number of checks and balances within the program to ensure that this is a positive experience for everyone.

Peer Support Mentors are expected to comply with confidentiality agreements, and as representatives of the Stroke Recovery Association Mentors are required to abide by the Association’s volunteer policies and procedures.

All Peer Support Mentors must attend the one day training course conducted by the Stroke Recovery Association.



Recruitment is commencing right now. The training courses will be conducted in an accessible venue in a number of locations in the near future

An application form can be obtained from the Stroke Recovery Association by calling 1300 650 594or by email to



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