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Stroke Recovery Clubs

Stroke Recovery Clubs are a meeting place for people to share their knowledge and experiences of Stroke. They provide an opportunity for group activities, speech practice, exercises, and outings.  Clubs are an excellent source of companionship for all those affected by Stroke including family and carers.

Stroke Recovery Clubs are coordinated by volunteers and their activities vary from club to club. The list below details the locations of our current support groups:

Stroke Recovery Clubs

Stroke Recovery Clubs in action

Every two years we survey members of our Stroke Recovery Clubs to identify what they think of the services provided by clubs and to understand how we can continue to improve our services.  Below are comments from some of our Stroke Recovery Club members:

  • I was only going to give the Stroke Club one month’s trial and I’m still here. I feel all of them are my family. Give it time and patience.
  • Make sure you attend a meeting, it’s very rewarding, wonderful support for me and my wife and family.
  • I have been a participant in Stroke Clubs for over 30 years and consider them invaluable.
  • The Club is a great opportunity to meet people I might not have met otherwise.
  • I find the Stroke Recovery Club to be a wonderful help especially to me, the carer – friendship, fun, outings etc etc. Most of all the friendship of others in the same position.
  • I find the group a happy, helping, caring lot. I enjoy the meetings and the outings.
  • Our Committee try and get various speakers at our meetings, all to do with Stroke-related problems.
  • Help is always there thanks.
  • My father died of a massive stroke at age 47, when I was 18. My husband had a stroke at age 50, leaving him partially disabled. There was no help for me or my family – neither financial or more importantly, with coping skills. When I found out what the Stroke Recovery Club was doing, I was so impressed I became a volunteer. My husband died in 1989, at age 69.
  • The camaraderie and support of a group of like-minded people is invaluable.
  • Very satisfied – friendly members, companionship, enjoyable outings well organised.
  • I think the Club does great work.
  • I am very fortunate to have wonderful friends associated with the SRA and the WAGS Stroke Recovery Club.
  • Joining the Club is one of the best things I have done for myself.
  • It got me back on track after my Stroke
  • People need time to assess their situations. Stroke Recovery comes into its own after patients have left hospital and settled back into some form of normal life. That’s when they need the support of Stroke Recovery Clubs the most.
  • I find that the Club builds on my confidence to do other things. Club activities are combined with other routines that I do.
  • I have only ever missed 1 or 2 meetings.
  • Keith seems happy to go to Stroke group; basically they are his “friends” – all old friends have stopped visiting, etc, sickness, ageing, moved away.
  • Since joining the Club I can see Stroke is more prevalent than I realised, and found the members very friendly which has helped me cope with my condition.


(We do not post contact information for individual Stroke Recovery Clubs online.  The contact person for each club is a volunteer who has generously agreed to be the first point of contact to the group for interested parties.  Additionally, the contact person for each Club can change at any time.  Please contact the Association on 1300 650 594 for the most up-to-date contact information for a Stroke Recovery Club in your area.)